I find inspiration in nature and a sense of oneness and joy in the gifts it provides. My approach to photography is contemplative, emphasizing simplicity and the aesthetic experience of the natural environment. My images embody the beauty of the sensory experience: light, composition and colors reveal the natural beauty and harmony found in nature, celebrating its sensual experience.

My deep appreciation for nature and aesthetics inspired me to create Nature’s Atelier, a line of products that will joyfully inspire a mindful connection with nature. Nature’s Atelier products include mindfulness practice cards and journals, textiles, and wall art that feature the designs of my nature macro photography. Macro photography brings a sense of intimacy in the experience of nature and invites the viewer to immerse themselves in the complexity of textures and colors that often go unnoticed in every day perception.

With my photography and Nature’s Atelier I wish to bring awareness to the restorative effects that natural environments have on all of us, offering relaxation, improving our mood and cognitive functions, and stimulating our creativity. Life is a sensory experience and I believe in developing products that can nourish our senses.