Nature’s Atelier is a line of products and curated experiences that promote mindful living inspired by nature.  

Nature’s Atelier was founded by husband and wife Khipra and Erika Nichols.

Erika Nichols finds inspiration in nature and a sense of oneness and joy in the gifts it provides and to her, botanical macro photography brings a sense of intimacy to this experience by inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the complexity of textures and colors that often go unnoticed in every day perception. Erika’s approach to photography is contemplative, emphasizing simplicity and the aesthetic experience of the natural environment. The images that she creates embody the beauty of the sensory experience in nature: light, composition and colors reveal the natural beauty and harmony found in nature, celebrating its sensual experience.

Khipra Nichols is the Chief Inspiration Officer and writer of Nature’s Atelier, an Associate Professor of Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Khipra is also a nature lover and an avid practitioner/advocate of meditation. Before joining RISD’s full time faculty in 1998 he was Lead Designer at Hasbro’s Playskool Baby division for 20 years specializing in preschool toy and infant care design also at Hasbro. Khipra has been awarded over 16 patents in product design.

With Nature’s Atelier we wish to bring awareness to the restorative effects that natural environments have on all of us, offering relaxation, improving our mood and cognitive functions, and stimulating our creativity. Life is a spiritual experience and we believe in developing products and workshops that focus on the contemplative states of mind and the creative experience through arts and craft activities.